Getting Started

Click the "Start" button to run it. Click "Reset" to clear the screen and "Randomize" to fill it randomly with different types of cells. Click "Draw Circle" to draw a circle somewhere on the map (usually circles are a good starting point for more complicated structures). Click "Reset Conductors" to reset all head and tail cells to conductors. Each cell can be modified by clicking it.

This is a Javascript implementation of the Wireworld cellular automaton (another popular cellular automaton is Conway's Game of Life). This simulation consists of four types of cells, which are updated on each step of the simulation:

The Wikipedia article here gives more information.


This is a self-contained HTML page, so it can be downloaded and modified (in particular, the parameters in the script can be changed). I also wrote a command-line version in Python which can be found here. Both were written after midnight, so take the code like you take your password hashes, with a grain of salt.