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Miscellaneous Azure Notes

Miscellaneous notes about various Azure-related things.

Sep 14, 2023

This post is parallel to my related post on AWS.

Instance Types

All prices are in USD and are for on-demand instances. Prices are from a particular reference day.

GPU TypeInstance TypeGPUsvCPUsRAMPrice / GPU-hourNotes
K80NC61656 GB0.9 
 NC12212112 GB0.9 
 NC24424224 GB0.9 
 NC24r424224 GB0.99RDMA-capable
P100NC6s_v216112 GB2.07 
 NC12s_v2212224 GB2.07 
 NC24s_v2424448 GB2.07 
 NC24rs_v2424448 GB2.27RDMA-capable
V100NC6s_v316112 GB3.06 
 NC12s_v3212224 GB3.06 
 NC24s_v3424448 GB3.06 
 NC24rs_v3424448 GB3.37RDMA-capable
 ND40rs_v2840672 GB2.75NVLink
T4NC4as_T4_v31428 GB0.53 
 NC8as_T4_v31856 GB0.75 
 NC16as_T4_v3116110 GB1.20 
 NC64as_T4_v3464440 GB1.09 
A100NC24ads_A100_v4124220 GB3.6780 GB
 NC48ads_A100_v4148440 GB3.6780 GB
 NC96ads_A100_v4496880 GB3.6780 GB
 ND96asr_v4896900 GB3.4040 GB, Infiniband
 ND96amsr_A100_v4896900 GB4.1080 GB, Infiniband
A10NV6ads_A10_v51655 GB2.71/6 GPU partition
 NV12ads_A10_v5112110 GB2.71/3 GPU partition
 NV18ads_A10_v5118220 GB3.21/2 GPU partition
 NV36ads_A10_v5136440 GB3.2 
 NV36adms_A10_v5136880 GB4.52 
 NV72ads_A10_v5272880 GB3.26 
H100ND96isr_v58961900 GB  


Reset Cluster Password

SSH into the cluster instance, then run:

sudo /opt/cycle_server/cycle_server execute 'select * from AuthenticatedUser'

This will list the users. Then run the following command to reset the password:

/opt/cycle_server/cycle_server reset_access your_user_name