Hi! 👋 I'm Ben.

🧐  Possible Ideas for Robotics Startups December 25, 2022

A list of ideas for robotics startups.

🦾  Getting Started with ROS 2 November 7, 2022

An actually good guide to getting started with ROS 2

🔬  PID Controller Explainer September 29, 2022

Simple overview of what a PID controller is, how it works, and how to make one yourself

🏙️  Life in the Big Apple August 8, 2022

Miscellanous update about various life things

📖  Experience after Three Months of Daily Journaling July 26, 2022

Meta-journal about journaling for more consecutive days than I initially thought I would

💻  Monitoring Background GPU Usage July 21, 2022

Python code snippit for doing background GPU monitoring using `nvidia-smi`

💼  What I've Been Up To Lately October 5, 2021

Short post about what I've been up to lately.

💻  Create Video from Stream of Numpy Arrays in Matplotlib April 29, 2021

Short post with code snippits for creating videos from Numpy arrays in Matplotlib.

🇬🇧  Visiting the United Kingdom December 18, 2020

Reflections on our time in the United Kingdom during the Covid-19 pandemic.

☀️  The Work-Procrastinate Cycle December 2, 2020

The results of an experiment I've been conducting on myself.

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