While it’s really easy to show an image in Matplotlib, I find that rendering videos quickly from PyTorch tensors or Numpy arrays seems to be a constant problem. I figured I’d write a short code snippet about how to do it quickly, for anyone else that is in the same situation.

from typing import Iterator, Optional, Tuple
from pathlib import Path

import matplotlib as mpl
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np

def write_animation(
    itr: Iterator[np.array],
    out_file: Path,
    dpi: int = 50,
    fps: int = 30,
    title: str = "Animation",
    comment: Optional[str] = None,
    writer: str = "ffmpeg",
) -> None:
    """Function that writes an animation from a stream of input tensors.

        itr: The image iterator, yielding images with shape (H, W, C).
        out_file: The path to the output file.
        dpi: Dots per inch for output image.
        fps: Frames per second for the video.
        title: Title for the video metadata.
        comment: Comment for the video metadata.
        writer: The Matplotlib animation writer to use (if you use the
            default one, make sure you have `ffmpeg` installed on your

    first_img = next(itr)
    height, width, _ = first_img.shape
    fig, ax = plt.subplots(figsize=(width / dpi, height / dpi))

    # Ensures that there's no extra space around the image.

    # Creates the writer with the given metadata.
    Writer = mpl.animation.writers[writer]
    metadata = {
        "title": title,
        "artist": __name__,
        "comment": comment,
    mpl_writer = Writer(
        metadata={k: v for k, v in metadata.items() if v is not None},

    with mpl_writer.saving(fig, out_file, dpi=dpi):
        im = ax.imshow(first_img, interpolation="nearest")

        for img in itr:

This makes it easy and memory-efficient to write a video from a coroutine, for example:

def dummy_image_generator() -> Iterator[np.array]:
    for _ in range(100):
        yield np.random.rand(480, 640, 3)

write_animation(dummy_image_generator(), "test.mp4")

Hope this helps!

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